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Ultra-precise glass windows for ultra-high-vacuum cell

Identified manufacturing
feasibility for extreme
requirements (roughness
< 0.1 nm, scratch dig 0/0)

Customer Requirements

Our customer, a renowned research institute, needed highest-precision mirrors to be mounted to the main body of its ultra-high-vacuum cell. The customer specified very tight requirements concerning the precision of the optics: roughness < 0.1 nm (1 Angstrom), scratch-dig 0/0, lowest wavefront error, very strict parallelism. Moreover, extremely low deviations from the given linear dimensions could be tolerated  and small chamfers for soft mounting of mirrors on vacuum cell were required. Additional AR coating with high damage thresholds were demanded for  more than one laser wavelength.

Our Solution

The first challenge of this project consisted in finding a manufacturing partner with the suitable facilities and manufacturing methods in order to meet the stringent precision requirements for roughness and scratch dig. We discussed the specifications with one of our long term partners, Gooch & Housego, who has two sites specialised in the production of precision optics. Along with them we identified the appropriate facility to manufacture windows with very strict tolerances, selection of substrate material and proper AR coating. The decision process required multiple discussions with both manufacturer and customer in order to define the most suitable production method for required surface quality (super-polishing) and to discuss achievable specifications respectively. Furthermore we supported the customer in clarifying further aspects such as laser wavelength to measure roughness.

High-precision mirrors

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