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Outdoor cabinet cooler for sensitive Lidar equipment

Extreme temperature outdoor cabinet cooler guarantees trouble-free operation of sensitive Lidar equipment

Extreme temperature outdoor cabinet cooler guarantees trouble-free operation of sensitive Lidar equipment

Meteorology, climate change tracking, air traffic control and wind energy generation rely on Lidar – light detection and ranging – equipment  that for example detect cloud and aerosol layers, ash concentration in the atmosphere or wind gusts at airports and wind farms. The Lidar equipment sends laser beams to the sky and counts reflected photons.

Customer Requirements

The laser wavelength depends on temperature which needs to be kept constant within +/-0.1 °C to guarantee reliable operation. This has turned out not to be a trivial task as the equipment must work in extreme conditions from -20°C to +55°C, in locations such as the desert Gobi or Spitzbergen.
The Lidar equipment is placed inside a hermetically sealed rugged outdoor cabinet. The maximum allowed inside temperature of 35°C was a well-known parameter, however heat dissipation of electronics, opto-electronics, electro-mechanics as well as heat gain through irradiation were not easily predictable and needed to be determined empirically.

Our solution

Internal space was limited to 80 mm in depth which made AMS Technologies design a very flat split cooling unit integrated into the cabinet door. The internal side carries 2 mini compressors, evaporator heat exchanger, fans, heater, control board, AC/DC converter and other components of a vapor compression circuit. The outside of the door carries the condenser heat exchanger.
The 24 VDC mini compressors are driven by a linear speed control that not only allows for a temperature stability of +/-0,1°C but also minimizes the vibration level which is a key parameter in laser applications. The cooling capacity exceeds 600 W at 55°C ambient and 35°C internal temperature. The electrical power consumption is less than 350 W.

Our value

Different factors played a particularly important role in this project: very strict requirements in order to ensure compatibility with the existing Lidar system, highest demands in terms of thermal design and very limited temperature range. AMS Technologies was able to offer the best possible solutions for this variety of specifications.

Customer Statement

“The expertise of AMS Technologies helped us to succeed in our thermal design for one of our strategic product. The thermal constrains were very strong. LEOSPHERE and AMS Technologies have collaborated to define a solution that meets the requirements, leading to R-MAN 510® success.” Jean-Baptiste RISTORCELLI, Mechanical Design & Integration Supervisor at Leosphere France

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