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Optoacoustics Makes Biological Tissue Visible

Feature on optoacoustic imaging in German trade publication DeviceMed - provided by AMS Technologies: How the TETRA laser helps making biological tissue visible.

"Optoacoustics Makes Biological Tissue Visible" is the title of a feature in the German trade publication DeviceMed - provided by the AMS Technologies experts Dr. Thomas Moritz and Dr. Torsten Ledig.

The feature explains how optoacoustic imaging offers several advantages over conventional methods for the non-invasive diagnosis and therapy success control of skin disorders or the detection of dangerous deposits in blood vessels - advantages such as great penetration depth and high resolution. The shortest possible laser pulses with the appropriate wavelengths are crucial for meaningful images, and AMS Technologies' DPSS laser and OPO solutions offer both.

The full feature (German language only) can be found online at DeviceMed.

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