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Maintaining reagents in an incubator cabinet within +/-0,1 °C

© Franz Pfluegl -

© Franz Pfluegl -

An envelope air curtain around the reagents acts as a shield from electronics and ambient heat loads.

Customer Requirements

In an incubator of the size of a home refrigerator the task was to create a uniform temperature distribution to guarantee that all reagents are within +/-0,1 °C. The temperature difference to the ambient was spevified to be up to 15°C. The incubator was to utilize a peltier air conditioning unit. Electronics and motors for the reagents handling act as heat load influencing the temperature.

Our solution

The original design that circulates conditioned air showed several °C temperature difference among reagents, especially caused by the given asymmetric inlet and outlet positions of the air flow to the chamber. With the help of computational fluid dynamic simulations the air flow could be designed such that it created a uniform air curtain around the reagents. The geometry of a grill and the necessary insulation thickness on the electronics were determined. The customer confirmed having achieved +/-0,2 °C in measurements. Results are created using Coolit, a software product of Daat Research Corp.

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