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Integrated Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogator Unit

Started like a lab type of cost reduction exercize, Politecnico di Torino decided to investigate the technology in a completely different field.

Customer requirements

FBG interrogators instruments are already available on the market, the way we approached the R&D (but also OEM) customers was to propose to have them as integrators by using optical components and consultancy from AMS Technologies.

One of the major Italian University was aware about the availability of FBG interrogators manufactured on the basis of different technologies: Fabry-Perot tunable filters, interferometry-based systems, sloped optical fibers, agile narrowband tunable light source coupled to simple photodiode are only some of the most known, but the Politecnico di Torino decided to investigate how to use broadband light source and a spectrometer in an integrated FBG Interrogator and found that high scalability versions of diffractive optic could have been the solution.

Our solution

AMS Technologies is the European partner of BaySpec, a Californian-based manufacturer of FBG interrogator units. Thanks to the unique technology based on diffractive optic, the so-called Volume Phase Grating (VPG©), AMS proposed an integrated solution including BaySpec FBGA and other optical components:

  • A wide-band source with wide band-pass, high emitted power, and low noise in a high reliability telecom-grade package;
  • A top/quality optical circulator by OZ Optics;
  • A MEM-based, high reliable switch by Sercalo (106 operating cycle granted);

The software delivered along with the BaySpec interrogator was tailored to synchronize the interrogator itself with the source and the MEM-switch in order to design a ready-to-use solution. The scalability of the optical components allowed the designers to realize a best-in-class instrument with the most attractive price-performance trade-off.

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