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High power, lightweight, reed relays for manpack systems



Size, weight and minimal power usage is of primary importance for Manpack (man portable) RF Communications Systems for military applications. As part of this, the use of small relays for power transmission is critical.

Customer Requirements

The customer required a very small package size for a reed relay, to be able to carry upto 3A and also Isolate 3kV contact to contact across the full RF Range of 1 to 30MHz. As the Relays were to be used on PCB with very small distances, RF shielding was also needed to prevent cross talk.

Our solution

Our partner was able to provide a relay with a footprint of only 30mm x 14.5mm, with a very high capability reedswitch, that can carry upto 3.5A and offer an Isolation of 3kV for use at RF Frequencies upto 32 MHz.

The open form construction, with RF Shielding provided the customer optimal weight saving and maximum performance with a very high population density on their PCB. Additionally normally open version and also a normally closed version were developed, the normally closed version ensuring additional power consumption savings.

The relay solution is a miniature screened, open frame, highly flexible, low cost package for RF applications in the 1-30MHz band. The use of vacuum reed switches with Rhodium contacts offers high isolation voltages, low contact resistance and long operating lifetime. Additional RF screening is available to further enhance RF performance for more demanding applications.

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