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Filament fusion and glass processing station for multichannel spectroscopy project

The MUSE multichannel spectrograph during tests in the AIP/innoFSPEC laborator

A photonic lantern is an optical fiber device used in astrophotonics to allow for a single-mode photonic function to take place within a multimode fiber.

The "Multichannel Spectroscopy" project develops innovative concepts for highly multiplex fibre-coupled high performance spectrographs in the visible and near infrared spectral range. These have applications in imaging spectroscopy as well as in multi-object spectroscopy for astrophysics, medicine, and other disciplines.
Image courtesy of innoFSPEC Potsdam

Customer requirements

  • Process equipment to manufacture taper structures for efficient multimode to singlemode coupling.
  • Splicing different type of multimode and singlemode fibers.
  • Fan out devices for larger count multicore fibers

Our solution

GPX-3400 filament fusion and glass processing station allows for tapering and drawing fibers and capillaries with a processing length up to 180 mm as well as splicing optical fibers and manufacturing of more complex multifiber coupling devices. The IFA-100 refractive index scanner allows for measuring the evolution of the refractive index along the fibers being tapered over its cross section at wavelength from 400nm to 1µm.

Customer statement

"At innoFSPEC / AIP Potsdam we are looking into leading edge technologies to provide the astrophysics community with unique light manipulating devices. We are happy to work with companies like AMS Technologies who understand these needs and can support us to make them happen." Dr. Roger Haynes, Teamleader Multichannel Spectroscopy Group at innoFSPEC

"These additional resources within our application lab allows us not only to manufacture novel devices but also being able to characterize their mode transition effects. AMS Technologies provides the right support in order for us to take advantage of all the features this type of equipment can provide." Dionne Haynes, Specialist on Optical Fibers and Tapers at innoFSPEC

About innoFSPEC

innoFSPEC Potsdam is a collaborative project of the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) and the University of Potsdam (UP). Established as a centre of innovative competence innoFSPEC works in the research field "Fibre-optical Spectroscopy and Sensing",  a unique combination of fibre-optical multi-channel spectroscopy and chemical sensing. This approach combines two disciplines, astrophysics and physical chemistry, which usually work in completely separate spheres. innoFSPEC is, therefore, fundamentally interdisciplinary positioned and produces synergies which are unavailable in the traditional research arena.

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