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e-Mobility: Optimization of a Prototype Cooling Unit for Infineon’s Easy 2B Based Main Inverter

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e-Mobility: Prototype Cooling Unit for Infineon’s Easy 2B Main Inverter... Optimization of the thermal resistance of a prototype cooling unit for 400V main inverter based on Infineon’s Easy 2B power modules with a total power dissipation of 850 W

Customer Requirements

In the framework of EU funded project E3Car it was important to develop a heat sink with optimal thermal resistance. Based on the assumed prototype assembly, different heat sink variants were investigated in order to increase the maximum allowable power dissipation.

Our solution

Calculations were carried out with the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code Coolit from Daat Research Corporation. The Coolit solver uses a finite volume method for the discretization of the governing equations. The program solves the equations for momentum, mass and energy conservation as well as radiation and turbulence.
To optimize the thermal resistance of the prototype cooling unit, different variations of the heat sink were modeled, analyzed and presented with the CFD code Coolit.

Figure: Pressure loss in the existing cooling unit

Compared to the simplest aluminum cooling unit that is used for the initial calculations, the usage of a copper heat sink with higher thermal conductivity (385 W/mK), the extension of the heat sink width and almost three times higher heat transfer surface enabled significant reduction the maximum heat sink temperature. Therefore, the thermal resistance of the copper heat sink can be improved by 38 % comparing to the basic aluminum heat sink, which means the maximum allowable power dissipation can be significantly increased.

Customer Statement:

„During development of the E3Car‘s 400V main inverter based on Easy 2B power modules AMS Technologies demonstrated  their Know-How on cooling systems and provided their technical expertise and consulting to lead to a success of the project. Due to AMS’ customer orientation and fast response times it was a pleasure to work with AMS Technologies.“
Radovan Vuletić, System Engineer Automotive (H)EV Systems, Infineon Technologies AG

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