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Driving solution for laser diodes used in the pumping of several fiber lasers

Development of an
assembly of 3 high power
pump lasers, each of them
with individual laser and
temperature driver. All can
be controlled by a single


General set-up overview, chiller is below the table. One single computer for 6 USB drivers (3 laser controllers + 3 thermoelectric controllers).

Customer requirements

In order to build a chain of high power fiber lasers, the customer has selected 3 laser diodes from one of his vendors. He consulted AMS Technologies to have a proposal on the possibility to have those driven and cooled. Main requirements:

  • Constant current mode
  • Small size assembly
  • Cost effective solution, ready to use

Our Solution

The customer valued our interdisciplinary consulting approach to his project and decided to go with AMS Technologies in order to have one technical contact providing both the design and all necessary components (lasers, laser and TEC controllers, chiller).

We developed a rugged assembly using AMS Technologies optical components and improved thermal management, employing individual drivers for laser (5 V / 70 A) and TEC via USB interfaces onto a PC. The assembly consists of single Peltier modules assembled with a base plate that has been especially designed for the chosen diodes. The heat load is 250 W at 20°C. Underneath each of the assemblies a single cold plate absorbs the heats rejected by the Peltier modules with a water circulation coming from a 1600 W chiller. The COP is about 1,4 at 20°C.

As a possible future step, the customer can even create his own LabVIEW algorithm in order to run automatically T° Set Point vs. Wavelength. Together with the assemblies we delivered a thermal test report with performances and the complete cabling.

All 3 high power laser modules on a mounting plate cooled by individual Peltier assembly and a general cold plate.








 On site wavelength vs. temperature shift validation.



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