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Diode Laser Module for Microscopy Application

Development of a
customised diode laser
module with a special
fiber pigtail and a reliable
fiber protection for one
of the market leaders in

Customer Requirements

The customer requested a fiber coupled diode laser module with a polarization maintaining (PM) fiber at a red wavelength as a light source for a special microscopy technology. The application required special low laser noise, high stability and high polarization extinction ratio (PER). In addition, a special fiber outcoupling was specified.

Our Solution

A customer specific  fiber coupled diode laser module with higher polarization rate in the red wavelength range was developed based on the technology of the standard product line FiberTECII of our partner Blue Sky Research
In order to meet the demand for the polarization extinction ratio a new raw laser diode was qualified and microlensed by Blue Sky Research’s patented µlens technology. The customer specific FiberTECII module was built up based on this diode.
A special fiber optic assembly with a customised outcoupling optics was integrated according to the customers’ specification. Further mechanical and thermal stability have been assured by using a metal protection tube above the optical fiber.
An extensive test programme for the optical parameters and the reliability of the laser setup was carried out by our customer, leading to convincing results and qualification for serial production.


FiberTECII Diode Laser Modules of Blue Sky Research at visible wavelengths

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