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Diode Laser Module for Industrial Application

Organizing and managing the complete supply chain from chip to fiber coupled laser module, based on an existing design.

Customer Requirements

The poor yield of the existing technology made the restart of the whole project necessary. Based on an existing design with first modules already built a new supply chain had to be established. Specifications for the final laser module were fixed. The challenge was to bring all partners together to fulfill the requirements of the target specification, at the same time improving the assembly technology and under the conditions of a tight time schedule to set the customer in the position to fulfill end customer’s delivery commitments.

Our Solution

The chip manufacturer was already set. In close exchange with the technicians on both sides the conditions and parameters of next wafer runs, including test criteria and acceptance level, were defined. With our partner AVO Photonics, the subcontractor for the assembly, the order process for long term delivery materials was optimized, with AMS Technologies taking over the pre-financing. Necessary changes of optical components during the project were solved together with our partner LightPath Technologies, providing several special components for testing first and for production later. Tight time schedule was managed by regularly conducted multilateral phone conferences and visits, bridging different time zones and languages. AMS Technologies took over the whole coordination work, including the complicated logistics with necessary multiple shipments in both directions. The success of the project was assured by a close cooperation of all AMS Technologies partners and the customer managed by AMS Technologies.

Manufacturing facilities at AVO Photonics

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