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Design of a development platform of a cost effective, integrated high power narrow linewidth laser for sensing applications

Tailored around the need for Fiber Sensing and LIDAR applications, AMS Technologies has created a development platform for OEM customers to evaluate an amplified narrow linewidth laser. The proof of concept is targeted at customers with the need for high power and low noise while remaining cost effective.

Proof of concept

The development platform consists of a 1550nm tunable laser with narrow 10kHz linewidth and a compact, high performance EDFA, both integrated into a housing and controlled by software via micro USB. 

The result is a laser module with high power (100mW), which maintains all features of the laser such as narrow linewidth and ultra-low FM noise at an affordable price. With the modular approach of the platform, higher powers could be achieved by integrating a different fiber amplifier.


The implemented firmware enables fast and high-speed frequency jumps (for controlled frequencies, switching can be as fast as 0.1 seconds with access to e.g. 10 frequencies over the full C band within 1 second) and free frequency modulation (up to 300 GHz, which is unique for a small form factor narrow linewidth tunable laser). The laser can access any desired frequency set-point in either the C-band or L-band.

Customizable solution

The platform can be adapted towards customer requirements for easier mechanical integration as well as driving the design towards certain key optical parameters important for the application. Furthermore the software and or electrical interface to the module are customizable, allowing faster time to market through easier integration.

Application areas

Thanks to the high power the platform can be used in all applications where measurements over a long distance are required, such as LIDAR and remote sensing, wind speed measurement, atmospheric LIDAR, fiber sensing, metrology, acoustic and seismic sensing, interferometric measurements, oil and gas sensing, pipeline monitoring, 3D scanning and many others.

The first prototype of the development kit will be shown at the stand of AMS Technologies (A28 in hall 3) during Optatec 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, from 7th-9th June 2016.

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