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Contactless Vibration Sensor for Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 & IIoT

With the laser-based opti-cal "VocalZoom" sensor, AMS Technologies pre-sents a technology that can measure and analyze vibrations – e.g. from ma-chine parts – at a distance of up to 3 m without contact and in a wide frequency range, allowing continuous monitoring of the condition of machines in scenarios such as Industry 4.0, IIoT and Predictive Maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is an essential part of current scenarios such as Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0. In order to reliably detect failures in advance, operators must be able to continuously monitor vibrations of drives, machines or systems and detect changes. Until now, conventional techniques such as MEMS or piezo sensors and microphones have been used to pick up these vibrations. However, operators usually have to shut down the systems in order to install and wire them, and the sensors are rarely sensitive enough and susceptible to ambient noise or vibrations.

A laser-based optical sensor now presented by the Israeli company VocalZoom together with the solution provider AMS Technologies allows precise, non-contact measurement of vibrations from a distance of up to three meters without the need for complex and expensive cabling. For the application of the VocalZoom sensor, which measures only 15 mm x 6 mm, downtimes for sensor mounting are as unnecessary as certified machine technicians. Since the sensor works without contact, it can measure any surface and any material - even very small, inaccessible or moving targets as well as hot or wet surfaces.

Thus, the VocalZoom sensor is a fast and simple solution to implement predictive maintenance for the huge existing machinery and plant park in all conceivable branches of industry. For the efficient monitoring of large areas, the sensor can also be mounted on a robot or drone and sequentially aimed at many targets.

The VocalZoom sensor can detect vibration frequencies of up to 6 kHz as well as very slow vibration processes in an ultra-low frequency range. In addition, the measurement method is insensitive to ambient and background light or noise.

AMS Technologies provides a VocalZoom Evaluation Kit for quick and easy testing of the new technology. For easier handling, the sensor is housed in a closed case which has a standard tripod socket (1/4" UNC) and thus allows the unit to be mounted on a large number of commercially available tripods and brackets. A 150 cm long micro HDMI cable connects the sensor housing with the interface unit, which in turn provides a USB interface to a PC. The scope of delivery of the EVK includes software with which the sensor data (speed and distance) can be recorded, displayed, analyzed and stored on the PC.

As a competent solution provider, AMS Technologies is happy to integrate the sensor into customer-specific assemblies and systems on request, including robust housing and mounting solutions, electronic components or interfaces according to customer specifications.

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