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Linear Output TE Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controller: WHY 5640

Key Features

  • Master/Slave multiple units for more current
  • Drop in replacement for HY 5640
  • Lowest Cost Temperatue Controll Component
  • Improved design has better stability across temperature range
  • +5 to +26 V operation
  • High ± 2 Amp Output Current
  • 0.008° C Stability (typical)
  • Control Above and Below Ambient
  • PI Temperature Control
  • Small Package Size


The WHY5640 is a general purpose analog PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop for use in thermoelectric or resistive heater temperature control applications. The WHY5640 maintains precision temperature regulation using an active resistor bridge circuit that operates directly with thermistors or RTD temperature sensors. Supply up to 2 Amps of heat and cool current to your thermoelectric from a single power supply. Connect two or more WHY5640 units together and drive higher output currents. For complete specifications, download our product data sheet.


Testing and Measuring, Printing, Medical Diagnostic, Life Science, Electronics cooling, Analytical procedures