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Ultrafast Systems LLC

Ultrafast Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of optical spectrometers with high time resolution, with particular focus on femtosecond and picosecond time scales. Our family of products represents the state-of-the-art in technology and the utmost in user friendliness. No other manufacturer of time-resolved spectrometers has the same extensive range of products. Our software for experiment control and data analysis is without parallel. Spectrometers from Ultrafast Systems are being employed in all aspects of research in modern photoscience. The instruments are used in areas of photophysics, photochemistry, photobiology, material science, nanoscience, and solar energy conversion and storage. Examples of research topics include electronic state deactivation, vibrational energy redistribution, electron and energy transfer both inter- and intra-molecularly and solvation dynamics. Processes can be measured at variable temperatures including cryogenic. Our systems also allow for the study of solid state samples.


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