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Sarnoff Corporation

Founded in 1942 as RCA Laboratories, Sarnoff Corporation delivers vision, video and semiconductor technology innovations that empower government and commercial clients to see/sense, understand and control complex environments. The portfolio includes ICs, lasers, imaging and sensing devices; high throughput iris recognition for identity verification and access control; end-to-end video solutions. Sarnoff is a subsidiary of SRI International. For spectrometric systems manufacturers custom imaging modules can be developed to meet the needs of virtually any spectroscopic application, from environmental surveillance and food inspection to homeland security and retina imaging. Sarnoff´s CCD and CMOS sensors and cameras range from 8k linear sensors for high-resolution scanning applications to the UV-NIR sensitive products with high QE and frame rate. The Camera Commanderâ„¢ Test System is a sophisticated and versatile tool that provides manufacturers and end-users with a fundamental yet cost-effective solution for assessment and analysis of imaging products. Compliant with the EMVA-1288 standard, Camera Commander delivers automated technology for evaluating CCD and CMOS camera and imaging sensors and generating results quickly.


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Eastern Europe, Germany/Austria/Switzerland