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OpTek Systems

OpTek Systems with facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA is a global supplier of production line equipment and sub-contract laser processing services for a wide range of precision laser micromachining applications. OpTek has experience in an extensive range of applications in electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, biomedical and consumer sectors. The company provides solutions for R&D and small scale production through to fully automated high volume production, specialising in the development of novel laser micromachining processes and the transitioning of these for highly productive routine manufacturing. Examples include OpTek’s patented fiber processing technology LaserCleave, providing stripping, lensing and cleaving of optical fiber and optical interconnects. This technology is widely adopted for applications in broadband telecommunications, datacom, sensing, medical and fiber laser production.


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Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Italy, Nordic, Spain/Portugal