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Mightex Systems, with operations based in Toronto, Canada, and in the Silicon Valley, California, is a leading supplier of photonic products and services for a broad spectrum of applications including optical microscopy, LED illumination, machine vision, life & health sciences, and industrial test & measurement etc.


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16. 05. 2012

AMS Technologies presents new Precision LED Spotlights with integrated heatsinks at OPTATEC for Bio-Photonics, UV Curing and Machine Vision

Mightex’s PLS-series precision LED spotlights are a general-purpose light source that can be used where uniform and high-intensity illumin...

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29. 10. 2012

For Bio-Photonics & Optogenetics: Multiwavelength Dynamic Spatial Illuminators

Spatially patterned illumination with temporal and spectral control enables numerous new techniques in life-science applications such as ...

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