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LightMachinery is dedicated to producing the world\\\'s finest lasers, optical components and optical process machinery. LightMachinery specializes in the production of difficult tight tolerance components and equipment that stretches the limits of current technology. Our Excimer and CO2 pulsed gas lasers are legendary performers in industry and academic R&D. LightMachinery is the world\\\'s leading manufacturer of TEA CO2 lasers. Our laser team has been designing carbon dioxide lasers and laser marking and drilling systems for over 20 years. Our high power Excimer lasers offer an unrivalled combination of performance and value. Our knowledge of laser applications and laser system design enables us to process industrial and scientific samples and determine the best laser parameters and optical set up for any application. The people at LightMachinery have worked on countless laser applications including; printed circuit board drilling, beer bottle marking, pill and tablet drilling, gelcap marking, UV and IR spectroscopy and laser plasma ultrasound.

Product Overview