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Interfiber Analysis

Interfiber Analysis provides optical fiber measurement instruments and an array of consulting services. This US-based company manufactures the world's first commercially available refractive index profiler for optical fibers that allows for scanning the optical index of refraction (RIP) along its length. The consulting services include engineering analysis and numerical modelling, fusion splice analysis and forensic analysis of optical fiber failure.


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16. 01. 2013

New Measurement Services for Optical Fiber Analysis

Image shows a large RIC preform to be drawn into an optical fiber of 125 μm diameter for the production of optical fibers for the teleco...

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28. 01. 2013

New Fiber Mode Analyzer for Optical Fiber Characterization

The FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer is the first commercial available analyzer to measure and display the modal content in a fiberoptic compo...

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16. 04. 2013

Know your modes – New FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer

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