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Fiberguide Industries, Inc.

Fiberguide Industries, Inc. has been a leading US provider of fiberoptic solutions to the OEM markets since 1977. The comprehensive product line is based on ISO 9000:2000 and includes standard and custom high optical transmission multimode, singlemode and graded-index optical fibers from UV to NIR, optical fiber assemblies and discrete components. Fiberguide´s products are used in applications such as medical, sensing, laser delivery systems and smoke and particle detection.


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08. 04. 2011

Metal jacket series of optical fibers withstand temperatures up to 700°C

They are employed in a number of applications including avionics/aerospace, Raman spectroscopy and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) for...

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22. 06. 2015


At LASER World of PHOTONICS we will present a comprehensive product range for the laser and photonics industry together with our intern...

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16. 05. 2012

Survive at Higher Temperatures: Mode Stripping SMA Cables for High Power Laser Systems

The new line delivers up to 350W for material processing applications. Fiberguide’s new line of high power mode stripping SMA cable ass...

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12. 10. 2012

New FD-80 Laser Connectors Provide Unmatched Power Handling

Fiberguide Industries’ new FD-80 high power keyed connector delivers unprecedented power handling up to 750 watts. The new assembly is des...

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09. 06. 2015

Speciality Fibers for Photonics applications, Power delivery and Sensing

Fiberguide's range of specialty optical fibers are used for optical sensing and laser power delivery in the industrial, medical, military ...

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08. 09. 2015


Meet the Fibre Assembly Experts from
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03. 11. 2015

Are you working in a vacuum ?

Vacuum Feedthroughs are designed to allow optical fibres to penetrate a pressure vessel without compromising the integrity of the vacuum. Th...

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