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Vacuum & Gas filled variable/fixed Capacitors

Vacuum & Gas filled variable fixed Capacitors

AMS Technologies partners with one of the market leaders in order to provide our customers with specialised variable capacitors for RF applications. Invented back in the 1940’s, vacuum and gas variable capacitors work on the basis of movable parts in a high vacuum, thus affording high voltage characteristics (peak from 3 to 60kV) and flexible capacitance (4pF to 5nF). The capacitors are predominately used in antenna matching units, for such applications as plasma generators, RF generators and high power communication systems.

In many RF applications where a large capacitance is required, for example in Pi circuits, vacuum and gas filled fixed capacitors have the advantage of providing large capacitance for high voltage applications. They can be used in parallel or series with variable capacitors to provide a unique high and variable adjustment capacitance.