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Gas Laser Systems

High Duty Cycle Excimer Lasers

Key Features

  • ICON™ (Integrated Ceramic on Nickel) technology
  • EasyClean automated optics seals
  • Optional High-Brightness optics
  • High-stability optics mounts
  • Simple integration into industrial processing systems


IPEX-800 Series Excimer Lasers – Industrial excimer lasers for precision applications in electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor, medical devices and pulsed laser deposition

Designed for high duty cycle operation in a manufacturing environment, IPEX series laser deliver high power excimer laser machining with state of the art performance.

Incorporating GSI Lumonics' proprietary ICON™ (Integrated Ceramic on Nickel) technology, IPEX lasers offer long gas lifetimes, superior optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters.

Easy to use, simple to service and economical to operate, IPEX 800 lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership and highest uptime in the market today. The marking of ceramics shown above is one of many a pplications for the these versatile industrial tools. Click here for more information about Excimer Laser Applications

The unstable resonator option available on the IPEX 800 provides low divergence output with excellent focused spot quality.


  • Manufacture of fiber Bragg gratings
  • Ablative machining of polymer layers
  • Micro-machining of hard materials
  • Patterning of thin metal layers
  • Machining of medical plastics

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