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ORIEL Spectroscopy Instruments

CCD Array Spectrometers

Key Features

  • Complete packages - Oriel MS125TM Spectrograph and linear array detector
  • 2048 CCD linear array
  • True plug and play systems with USB interface
  • New intuitive spectrograph software


LineSpec™ CCD Array Spectrometers

For applications not requiring the two dimensional area of our InstaSpec™ CCD systems, but needing the versatility and superior resolution not afforded by our integrated minispectrometers, LineSpec™ Spectrometers are a smart alternative. Gratings and slits are interchangeable so you can re-define the usable spectral range and resolution, as your needs change.
LineSpec Spectrometers are made up of our Oriel MS125™ 1/8 m spectrograph and an external 2048 CCD array. We also offer the array detector separately, for mounting to other Oriel Spectrographs.

What Makes up a LineSpec™ Spectrometer?
The LineSpec Linear Array camera is a 2048 pixel CCD detector with LineSpec Basic software which can be integrated with various Oriel spectrograph models:
MS125™ Spectrograph
Your choice of grating
Your choice of entrance slit with input slit holder
2048 CCD detector with mounting flange
LineSpec™ Software and LabVeiw drivers included

MS125™ Spectrograph
We chose the MS125 as the spectrograph for these systems, because of its high resolution and throughput, economical price and compact size. The MS125 is a micrometer driven, 1/8 m (120 mm), focal length instrument.

CCD Detectors
A key performance parameter for the CCD is the maximum S/N achievable by the detector. CCD sensors create high-quality, low-noise images. Compared to CMOS sensors, a CCD sensor is far less susceptible to noise, making them ideally suited to spectroscopy applications. In short, CCD detectors are optimum for low signal measurements.

LineSpec Software
The LineSpec software (included with each spectrometer or stand alone array detector) is an intuitive instrument control and data acquisition software that runs under Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 or 64Bit). The software supports routine spectroscopic measurements and data acquisition, such as: continuous, single and averaging scans; absorption, transmission and emission spectra measurements. We also supply optional LabView Drivers.

Calibration Accessory
To ensure wavelength accuracy, we recommend using a known set of spectral lines, such as our 78822 HgAr Calibration Set, and letting the LineSpec software fit a standard quadratic regression through the known peaks. The 78822 includes a power supply, a mounting adapter to couple the lamp to the MS125, and a HgAr calibration lamp.

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