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Laboratory Mechanicals

ST Series – SmartTable®

Key Features

  • Highest level of damping using IQ damping technology
  • Fully sealed holes
  • 8 to 18 in. thick, up to 5 ft wide by 14 ft long


ST Series – SmartTable® Optical Tables featuring IQ® Damping Technology

• Improve vibration damping 10x (up to 22dB) with the push of a button – improve settling time, stability and throughput
• Provide a work surface auto-tuned to your specific application – independent of load, one table for any application
• Use the BNC interface to monitor ambient vibrations or trigger events
• Incorporate vibrations as part of your system control architecture – gain the ability to collect real time vibration data that allows the user to analyze data as a potential source of error in the experiment
• USB interface for adjusting damping performance and collecting data
• ST Series is available in Doubled configurations

The ST Series SmartTable incorporates Newport’s patent pending intelligent Q (IQ) damping Technology to actively monitor, report, and adjust table-damping performance over a wide frequency band. This provides a dramatically quieter table surface, resulting in high quality imaging, improved long term stability, faster settling times and the ability to make measurements that previously required the quietest lab environments. SmartTable also allows users to monitor tabletop vibrations through built in vibration sensors that provide real time feedback on the vibration state of the table.

The ST-200 Series SmartTable controller can be used in a stand-alone (no computer required) mode and is also USB2 compatible. When operating in the stand-alone mode SmartTable automatically tunes the table to maximize table damping independent of load. When connected to a computer via the USB2 port, the included software allows users to further fine tune and calibrate the table to the experiment at hand and gather vibration data in both the frequency and time domains.

SmartTables are available in 3 versions: the ST Series fully integrated SmartTable, the upgradeable ST-UT Series SmartTable and the upgradeable ST-UT2 Series SmartTable with fine tune damping. Also available are Doubled ST and ST-UT Series Tables along with IQ-200-UG field upgrade kits.

The fully integrated ST Series SmartTable incorporates factory installed IQ dampers. But if you are not sure how much damping your application requires or to prepare for potential changes to your experimental requirements or lab environment, the ST-UT and ST-UT2 Series tables will make this decision easier. Both the ST-UT and ST-UT2 series SmartTables are field upgradeable to SmartTable performance levels. IQ-200-UG upgrade kits can be purchased at any point in the future and easily integrated to add full active damping capability.

The ST series and ST-UT Series SmartTables are available in "end-to-end" and "L" shaped doubler configurations. The ST Series doubled table is a fully integrated doubled table with factory installed IQ dampers and the required ST-200 SmartTable controller for full active damping functionality. The ST-UT series doubled table is a broadband damped doubled table that has the capability to be field upgraded with IQ-200-UG SmartTable upgrade kit. Both the ST and ST-UT doubled tables are available in 12" and 18" thicknesses. The "end-to-end" doubled configuration is available up to 22 feet in length. The "L" shape doubler configuration is available in 4 and 5 foot widths and up to 20 foot lengths


  • Interferometry and high resolution experiments
  • Best choice for application with critical dimension and damping requirements
  • Electro-optical experiments and process



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