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Special tools

SensoBrick® – Structural Health Monitoring System

Key Features

  • Turn key solution
  • No data and power connection needed
  • Long lifetime battery operation
  • GSM / GPRS interface
  • Warning & Status messaging on any mobile device or PC
  • Remote service and configuration


SensoBrick® – a complete and self-sufficient in-a-box monitoring solution that brings you directly in control of the behaviour of your structures – Monitoring for environmental condition (Temp, Vibration, Inclination)

Structural health monitoring offers the chance to turn away from labour intensive and operator subjective visual inspection towards automated monitoring of key parameters on buildings, infrastructure or cultural heritage.
Traditional systems are cost effective when the installation and infrastructure expenses are spread over a larger number of sensors. SensoBrick® is designed towards cost effectiveness in low sensor-count applications for monitoring environmental, structural or also dynamic parameters.

SensoBrick® is a complete and self-sufficient in-a-box monitoring solution. Its embedded temperature sensor for environment and substrate, biaxial inclinometer for pitch and roll, 3-axis accelerometer and seismic trigger monitors thermal-, seismic-, vibration- and settling-induced actions on buildings, infrastructures or industrial plants. Numerous additional input ports allow for integration of application specific sensors to form a modular system to cover your specific monitoring needs.

SensoBrick® is designed for immediate installation without laying additional interfacing cable. Its modular approach allows to integrate additional external sensors and link them with the main communication interface of SensoBrick®. Its intuitive user interface lets you get in touch with your structure by one click over cellular phone or internet.

SensoBrick® comes with high power battery pack to let it run for years without any additional service intervention. The integrated trigger system can be kept continuously armed even when the device is in sleep mode in order to start data acquisition in less then 150ms for acquire dynamic events. The watertight enclosure and an integrated tamper alarm sensor provides additional security for uninterrupted monitoring.

Additional Sensors for the SensoBrick®
How much sensor flexibility does your application need?
Make the SensoBrick® a flexible solution with the widest choice of factory orderable sensors

The standard SensoBrick® can cover a wide range of SHM needs just using its own embedded sensors, but from the field experience we learnt that each different application may have its own specific requirements.
This is why the SensoBrick features a lot of inputs for additional sensors, and why AMS Technologies offers the possibility of ordering the device already equipped and pre-programmed with your custom choice of additional sensors.

Interfaces for optional external sensors:
  • meteo (wind/Rh%/rain)
  • crack displacement gauges
  • sub-mm LASER displacement gauge
  • external 3-axes accelerometer
  • additional external 2-axes inclinometer
  • strain gauges and load cells
  • acoustic emission (crack detector)
  • Applications

    • Monitoring of Infrastructure (bridges, damns, roads, towers)
    • Monitoring of Cultural heritage (indoor & outdoor)
    • Monitoring of Industrial plants
    • Monitoring of Construction fields
    • Monitoring of Soil displacement