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Laser Safety

UNIVET Laser Safety

Key Features

  • Frames
  • Filters
  • Windows
  • IPL
  • Patient Care
  • Loupes


Interferrential Filters:
To meet the market demands that require ever higher levels of protection, Univet has developed a range of high performance products that protect the operator who is working with high power or high energy lasers.

Thin-film interferential technology was used to achieve the highest protection factor: a thin film coating is a surface coating consisting of dielectric or metal materials capable of completely reflect a particular range of incident wavelengths.

The reflection of incident light is due to interference that occurs between light waves that are reflected by each layer of the coating: the displacement that occurs between them due to reflection in fact provides a constructive interference between the waves, obtaining a maximum intensity of reflected light and a cancellation of the light transmitted through the filter into the eye of the operator.

The Univet interferential filters are manufactured using an absorbent material, capable of blocking the light radiation absorbing and transforming it into heat, onto which is deposited the interference coating. In this way the interference technology is combined with the filtering ability of the glass, resulting in the highest levels of protection from laser radiation.

Filters for ultrafast lasers:
The term ultrafast lasers is used for mode-locked lasers emitting ultrashort pulses, i.e. pulses with durations of femtoseconds or picoseconds. These lasers sources are distinguished from others by their extremely high peak power and their highly precise and minimal invasive features in material processing and medical treatments.

By international studies was seen that highly absorbing filters made from ion-doped mineral glass have very good resistance against ultrafast lasers. Absorbing filters made from polycarbonate showed weaker resistance due to the “bleaching effect”, or laser-induced transmission: the material absorption changes under the influence of a laser irradiation. Moreover the inherently broad spectral bandwidth of ultrafast lasers can potentially exceed the protection bandwidth of laser eye protection.

Univet laser filters are certified according M-mode as described in EN207:2009 for laser pulses shorter that 10-9ns

The range of frames offers a wide choice of different styles and features. Excellent coverage and a great fit are the basis of laser glasses with features like side shields, superposition and the innovative Softpad system.

The laser windows, used primarily in industrial applications, consist of the same materials used in the line of filters for glasses. Specifically developed for the most common laser systems, windows are available in catalogue in standard formats.

A series of articles devoted for patients and operators in contact with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light); these products, ideal for medical, cosmetic and outpatient applications, must protect the wearer from the intense flashing lights.

Patient Care:
During specific operations or treatments the eyes of the patient are also subjected to harmful radiation; to avoid the associated risks, Univet have designed special glasses with blind lenses or with selected laser filters. Cleanable and equipped with interchangeable parts, they are ideal for clinics and surgeries.


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Scientific
  • Therapeutic
  • Forensic/Fluorescence
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Flashlamp/IPL
  • Alignment LaserShields



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