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You are here:   » Products » Optical Technologies » Components » Accessories » Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools » OZ-PEN™ CO2 Fiber Optic Cleaning Unit

Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools

OZ-PEN™ CO2 Fiber Optic Cleaning Unit

Key Features

  • Superior removal of any residue on fiber optics and other components especially for high power application
  • Quick dry and solvent free cleaning process
  • Designed to clean small surface area
  • Superior to solvent cleaning wiping techniques
  • More economical and versatile than snow guns with enclosures
  • Cleans variety of substrates such as glass, metal etc.



The OZ-PEN is a versatile precision small surface area cleaning system for critical fiber optics and other manufacturing operations. The OZ-PEN generates and propels an adjustable spray of clean dry air or nitrogen containing small CO2 particles to efficiently remove foreign matter from a surface. The OZ-PEN replaces or augments conventional solvent-aided wiping cleaning techniques which can spread, smear or shed, or redeposit trace residues and particles over critical surfaces.

The composite spray cleaning technique is a patented process where one can deliver controlled shear stress on surface contaminants using chemically active, dry CO22 spray for efficient and effective removal of inorganic and organic surface contamination from critical substrate surfaces.

Basic plug-n-spray cleaning system includes:

1. CO2 Composite Spray Generator: a compact table top chassis equipped with power switch, clean dry air (CDA) or N2 propellant thrust controller (0-125 psi) and gauge, propellant gas temperature controller and precision CO2 injection flow controller. Spray applicator: Pencil style, 1 m long cabled to generator, and pen holder.
Internal: Particle capillary: Size 30 (fine installed)

2. Connection Kit: Tank adaptor, hose, filter for a 20 or 50 pound liquid CO2 cylinder. Pressure regulator for N2 supply and hose.

3. Operation manual.


  • Effective cleaning of various high power fiber optic connectors and other components
  • Optical element cleaning, optical coating preparation/cleaning
  • Electro-optic sensors and medical devices cleaning
  • Semiconductor and biomedical components surface cleaning