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Telecom & Datacom

Higher speed and bandwidth are driven by the needs of video, voice and data transmission providers. AMS Technologies has been following the technological trend and has been instrumental in the introduction of new solutions, whether at the component level, at a higher level of integration for telecom and datacom OEMs or as a supplier of integrated solutions for system integrators, carriers, ISPs and enterprise customers.

We supply state-of-the-art products to the most important tier1 players and provide the most important R&D centers around Europe with access to the newest technologies available. By utilising the latest technological trends, we have been able to supply integrated photonic solutions featuring multiple optical functionality on a single silicon chip.
The communication world continuously demands higher performance from ever smaller transmitter and receiver modules. To fulfil these demands, we partner with leading manufacturers in the arena of 40G and 100G transmission.

We not only provide added value at component level, but also consultancy for merging different products and technologies into integrated systems, thus addressing the needs of customers that require solutions beyond the mainstream. AMS Technologies stands for high-level expertise, effective customer consultancy and innovative solutions for layer1 optical transmission and layer2/3 networking.

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