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Renewable Energies

‘Renewable energies’ is an exciting market and a key focus for the future. However, due to diverse, complex and rapidly evolving requirements and capabilities in a number of renewable energy technologies, understanding the key requirements for this market is quite difficult. Reliability and flexibility are just two of many critical aspects in designing appropriate systems, in particular as the market expects deployments utilising this equipment to last in excess of 20 years. Fortunately, and even though renewable energies has only recently become ‘the’ recommended sector for investment, AMS Technologies is already exceptionally well versed in the technology.

We provide solutions to leaders in this market by employing and combining high-tech technologies from our three core competencies. We have supported a range of customised developments, some of which have required systems to operate in remote locations, others in harsh environments with minimal intervention. Our precision optical products have been incorporated into instrumentation for surveying wind power generation sites all over Europe. We have provided both customised cooling solutions and power components for deployment within energy generation equipment. In all cases, our team of specialists works closely with customer engineering and project management teams to understand the requirements and deliver the most appropriate solution.

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