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Medical research needs new technologies, new measurement methods and new applications in order to win the daily war against illness and to extend life expectancy and quality. AMS Technologies is proud to be part of this world by supporting market players in the development and design of key products. Not only do we supply research with components, modules and instrumentation, we also provide services such as software simulation and design.

As a consequence of our focus on three different core technologies, we have successfully provided solutions for a multitude of applications in widely differing market sectors. Lasers, optics and optical components, as well as electronic drivers and power supplies, are used in ophthalmology for retina analysis, in dermatology and aesthetics for eye surgery and in treatment centres in general. Instrumentation is used for retinal and corneal diagnostics and for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal imaging. Lighting systems based on the most advanced technologies are currently used in photodynamic therapy in the neonatal and in the dental sector, while test equipment and cooling solutions are used in endoscopy.

New technologies are available in the biomedical field, such as optical components and systems for plasma characterisation, Raman spectroscopy for low-cost, portable and 0-sample preparation. High-end capacitors are used, for example, in brain stimulation instrumentation and in portable defibrillators.

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