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AMS Technologies provides diverse solutions for industrial applications, ranging from gas control systems, to disk storage manufacture and onto control systems for lasers or for glass manufacture, to name but a few. Our specialists possess a wide range of interdisciplinary skills that they can deploy to provide the most appropriate solution to your problems. The market requires robust cost-effective solutions, and we consult closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their specific needs.

By adopting a consultative engineering approach, free of charge, AMS Technologies is able to understand what is really important for a specific application – size, thermal performance, high power, precise control, reliability, robustness, quality, lifetime, price, or a combination thereof, and then propose the best solution. There are also problems for which there might not be an ideal off-the-shelf solution, as these push the performance boundaries of available products and systems. In such cases, AMS Technologies will work with the customer and our partners to develop an appropriate tailored solution.

AMS Technologies product portfolio includes a variety of products that can be employed in industrial applications. High voltage, high reliability relays that are used in mining safety equipment have to survive for many years. Lasers with precise and unusual wavelengths used in process measurement allied with detectors and portable spectroscopic equipment for inline measurement during material manufacture. Heat exchangers and chillers used in process control for disk storage. Highly accurate measuring equipment to optimise yield in optical fiber manufacture.

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