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Defence & Aerospace

AMS Technologies provides a comprehensive range of military and space-qualified components, systems and instruments that are designed to deliver maximum performance and durability in the harsh conditions and demanding environments found in most defence and aerospace applications.

We have developed solutions for a selection of projects in the military sector. Our market and technology expertise enables us to support you as a part of your design team from the very beginning of your project with consulting, preliminary design, simulation and modeling, system and equipment design integration.
The product range covers a broad spectrum of technologies, from high reliability fuses that have been in orbit for the past 30-plus years with zero reported failures, over full stainless steel custom heat exchangers and cooling loops that can withstand harsh conditions in marine and submarine environment and on to custom lasers for satellite pyrotechnic applications.

We have supported the development of custom products and solutions for a variety of differing applications, from space and avionics, over ground forces and naval and on to security inspection, smart munitions guidance systems and detection and measurement. Past and current capability includes solutions for military sensing (perimeter security, infrastructure monitoring), cockpit communication, missile guidance, weapons simulation, ECU / laser cooling – to name but a few.

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