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Fiber Laser Systems

Quasar High Power UV and Green Hybrid Fiber Lasers

Key Features

  • >60 W UV (300 µJ) or >45 W UV (225 µJ)
  • TimeShift™ Technology
  • High PRF from 0 to 3.5 MHz for fast processing
  • Robust and reliable for OEM tools
  • Wavelength 355 nm - 532 nm



The breakthrough performance of the Quasar series leads the industry with unprecedented highest UV average power and energy at high rep rate for fast micromachining. Quasar features novel TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse profiles for the ultimate in process speed, flexibility, and control.

Breakthrough Technology
Quasar combines advanced fiber laser, power amplifier and patented harmonics technologies to achieve breakthrough results. This unique design exploits fiber laser flexibility and robustness to enable TimeShift technology. Adding Spectra-Physics’ exclusive power amplifier, Quasar enhances this flexibility at unprecedented high output power levels. Finally, with Spectra-Physics’ patented harmonics, known for exceptional stability, Quasar continues to provide an innovative synergy of power, flexibility and control in a reliable 24/7 OEM laser for the most demanding applications.

Breakthrough Performance
The newest Quasar laser, the Quasar 355-60, produces >60 W of UV output power at 200 kHz and 300 kHz, and >300 µJ pulse energy, complimenting Spectra-Physics’ breakthrough Quasar 355-45 laser. The Quasar 355-60 operates over a wide repetition rate range from 0-3.5 MHz, with pulse widths from <2 ns="" to="">100 ns. The Quasar 532 rounds out the Quasar series with >75 W of green output power. The Quasar family of lasers has excellent beam characteristics and very low noise.

Quasar is designed, built, and tested to stringent quality standards for reliable continuous operation in demanding 24/7 manufacturing environments. The built-in ALPS (Active Laser Purification System) helps sustain that performance for long life. And finally, Quasar lasers’ automatic data logging software monitors all key laser performance parameters over the life of the laser, providing a powerful service feature and product reliability tool.

TimeShift™ Technology
Quasar is the first laser of this class to offer TimeShift technology, which enables pulse energy programmability in the time domain. By controlling the laser pulse (width and shape) in time and repetition rate, material removal and/or modification in micromachining becomes more efficient, thereby increasing process speed and quality. Utilizing TimeShift in conjunction with high UV or green power at a higher repetition rate means Quasar can process more materials faster, and with greater quality. TimeShift enables pulse width variation, as well as pulse splitting and burst mode operation. For the Quasar 355-60 laser, pulse widths from <2 ns="" to="">100 ns can be created at a constant PRF or conversely, maintain constant pulse width with varying repetition rate from 0 to 3.5 MHz.

This product is available in the Nordic countries only.


  • Glass cutting and drilling
  • PCB drilling
  • PCB cutting and depaneling
  • HDI (high density interconnects)
  • Si micromachining
  • Si wafer dicing
  • Low K dielectric grooving
  • Ceramic processing
  • LED processing
  • Solar cell processing
  • ITO patterning



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