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Demostock Clearance – up to 40% Discount!

iXon Ultra 897 EMCCD, €18.960 (40% discount)

Facilitated by a fundamental redesign, the NEW iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), whilst maintaining quantitative stability throughout. The status of ‘Ultimate Sensitivity’ is also preserved in this model, offering thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C and industry-lowest clock induced charge noise. Additional unique features of the iXon Ultra include USB connectivity and direct raw data access for on the fly processing. EMCCD and conventional CCD readout modes provide heightened application flexibility, with a new ‘low and slow’ noise performance in CCD mode. The significant speed boost offered in the iXon Ultra 897 facilitates a new level of temporal resolution to be attained, ideal for speed challenged low-light applications!


R-30025 Red HeNe Laser, €823 (25% discount)

The R-30025 HeNe Laser generates a 500:1 linearly polarized output of 1.5 mW (minimum) at 633 nm. Longitudinal mode frequency is approximately 714 MHz. Utilizing enhanced designs and superior optical components these HeNe lasers deliver unsurpassed operational stability and lifetimes. The red HeNe laser product family offers TEM00 mode at 633 nm. These high-performance lasers are supported by a one-year warranty and are available off-the-shelf. CE compliant, Class 3R. The power supply is included.


Scientific Bread Board M-SG-23-2, €781 (20% discount)

The M-SG-23-2 Scientific Grade Breadboard has a 600 mm width, a 900 mm length, and is 59 mm thick with Metric M6 holes on 25 mm grid with 12.5 mm borders. The M-SG Series provides rock-solid stability and rigidity to support demanding research applications. It demonstrates an outstanding <±0.004 in. flatness over two square feet. The M-SG Breadboard also offers a 4.8 mm ferromagnetic steel surface, enhanced damping, sealed holes, and a steel honeycomb core.


UNIVET Laser Protection Goggles, (discount 40%)

Laser Protection Goggles from UNIVET with filters for 532nm laser protection. Various frame styles are available, such as the 546, 561, and 562. Please inquire for detailed specifications, pricing and model choices! These goggles have never been used and will be delivered in their original boxes with certificates.


Minature Linear Stage MFA-PP, €1.029 (discount 25%)

The MFA-PP Miniature Linear Stage is designed for space-limited applications and compact multi-axis assemblies. It supplies very high resolution, single-axis 25 mm translation in a low-cost, motorized package. Typical applications for this stage are fiber optic alignment, laser diode research, bio-medical applications and inspection systems. The MFA-PP Stepper Motor version is an economical solution for less demanding applications.


Double-Row Ball Bearing Linear Stages M-UMR8.25, €224 (discount 25%)

The M-UMR8.25 Precision Double-Row Ball Bearing Metric Linear Stage features steel construction for high stability and rigidity. The ball bearings and precision-ground bearing surfaces provide exceptional linear travel, with angular deviation better than 100-200 µrad. UMR8 Series Stages have double-row ball bearings making them an excellent choice for carrying high loads up to 900 N. The moving carriage is preloaded by two springs to ensure constant micrometer contact for smooth, backlash-free motion over a 25 mm travel range.


3501 New Focus Optical Chopper, €2.279 (discount 25%)

The Model 3501 optical chopper provides rock-solid stability and flexibility because its chopping frequency is phase-locked to its own internal frequency synthesizer. It comes complete with four wheels, a wheel cover, and a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface.
You can chop from 4 Hz to 6.4 kHz, using either the internal frequency synthesizer or an external source as the reference. And you can chop at the fundamental, a harmonic (2 to 15), or even a sub-harmonic (1/2 to 1/15) of the reference. Other choppers don’t give you nearly as much flexibility for the price.


SMC100CC Controller, €423 (30% discount)

The SMC100CC is a single axis motion controller/driver for DC servo motors up to 48 VDC at 1.5 A rms. It provides a very compact and low-cost controller for most of Newport’s stages, including the popular GTS and ILS linear stages, URS rotation stages, and LTA actuators. Communication with the SMC100 is via the integrated RS-232-C interface, or a USB port using the SMC-USB adapter. The SMC100CC comes with a power and network cable for daisy chaining when stacked.

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