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Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging Peers into Skin Disease


Feature in Photonics Spectra on multispectral photoacoustic imaging by AMS Technologies: How the TETRA laser improves noninvasive diagnosis of skin disease.

Keith Oakes, director of Elforlight (an AMS Technologies company), has contributed the article "Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging Peers into Skin Disease" to the Decmber 2022 issue of Photonics Spectra.

The feature shows how multispectral imaging is very well suited for the diagnosis of diseases of the skin, such as skin cancer, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. Readers learn how Munich-based iThera Medical uses Elforlight's TETRA DPSS laser with rapid switiching between four wavelengths to clearly distinguish important chromophores such as melanin, oxidized and deoxidized hemoglobin, collagen, lipids or even water from each other with very high resolution.

The full feature can be found online at Photonics Spectra.

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