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Fault-tolerant Peltier Modules Achieve up to 120 K Temperature Difference


Higher ΔT - Better Efficiency

AMS Technologies presents new thermoelectric cooling elements (TECs), which enable very high temperature differences (ΔT) of up to 120 K in the dimensions of a standard module. The Peltier modules are designed in a percolation layout and are therefore fault-tolerant. Compared to standard modules with comparable dimensions, they have a 30% to 100% better efficiency (COP - Coefficient of Performance) and can handle thermal loads of up to 300 W.

With a novel technology approach, the thermoelectric cooling elements (Peltier modules) from US manufacturer Sheetak, which have now been introduced by AMS Technologies, raise the achievable temperature differences between the hot and cold sides to a new level and thus significantly expand the application potential for thermoelectric cooling.

While most Peltier modules are designed as a series connection of individual p- and n-type elements, this new technology is based on a different topology. Arranged in a three-dimensional "mix-and-match" layout, the thermoelectric components enable at least 25% higher temperature differences (ΔT) compared to conventional technology – ΔT can be as high as 120 Kelvin. With the previous technology, such temperature differences could only be achieved using Peltier cascades with significantly higher overall heights.

By the use of nanostructured material the height of the individual Peltier elements can be reduced down to 0.25 mm. On this basis, Peltier modules with very high power densities or very low thickness can be realized. For average temperature differences, i.e. about 50 K to 70 K, the new technology leads to a significant increase in efficiency or coefficient of performance (COP) by 30% to 100%. Whereas thermoelectric modules have previously been used in small systems to keep cool things cool, this new technology can now be utilized in deep-freeze applications down to -100 °C.

Due to their construction in a percolation layout, the Peltier modules are fault-tolerant. The failure of one of the individual elements does not lead to a total failure of the entire module as with a conventional p/n series connection, but the Peltier module continues to operate with slightly reduced performance. In addition to the technical performance data, the newly introduced Peltier modules feature special protection against moisture as well as very compact dimensions.

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