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AMS Technologies Presents Compressor-based Recirculating Chiller With Small Dimensions


Compact, low-maintenance water chiller with 450 W cooling capacity and high temperature stability: At LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022 (Munich, Germany, April 26-29 2022), AMS Technologies presents the "mRC-C-450-100/240", a compressor-based "mini recirculating chiller" that offers high cooling power in a shoebox format.

Based on an electronically speed-controlled miniature compressor, the "mini Recirculating Chiller" introduced by AMS Technologies offers high water cooling capacity of up to 450 W (+25°C ambient and +25°C cooling water temperature) or 300 W (+45°C ambient and +25°C cooling water) in a very small space. Instead of the usual "on/off" operation with large hysteresis and disturbing switching noises due to hot gas bypass processes, the chiller’s miniature compressor operates with efficient electronic speed control and thus offers an extremely high temperature stability of ±0.05 K in settled condition, with low vibrations and a low noise level.

An integrated electric air pump pressurizes the water circuit of the refrigeration machine and keeps a constant pressure. As a result, the mRC-C-450-100/240 manages with only 275 ml tank volume – without the risk of cavitation in the smooth-running centrifugal pumps. In addition, the overpressure in the cooling system prevents the ingress of bacteria and oxygen, thus keeping the coolant clean and extending the maintenance intervals. And the air pump enables automatic entire filling and draining of the cooling water circuit, which greatly simplifies system maintenance – an animation of these operations and a video tutorial are available via the URL below.

The chiller is not only very compact, but also weighs only 13 kg – about a third of the weight of comparable stand-alone cooling units and half the weight of common rack-mount chillers of comparable performance. With its wide-range power supply, accepting 90 to 264 VAC, the chiller can be operated anywhere in the world. And the integrated Ethernet interface renders the device “Internet of Things (IoT) Ready” and allows it to be remotely controlled, monitored and maintained from anywhere via an Internet browser.

For the integration of the chiller into OEM systems, AMS Technologies also provides a variant for operation on 24 V DC - and for project requirements that the mRC-C-450-100/240 does not cover, the thermal management specialists at AMS Technologies are happy to develop and manufacture customized systems for water cooling.

For more information please visit the AMS Technologies Portal.