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Compact and Robust Cabinet Cooler with up to 400 W Air Cooling Capacity


The very compact "mAC-C-400-24" cabinet cooler, launched today by AMS Technologies, is compres-sor-based and maintains the air temperature in the enclosure with an accu-racy of up to ±0.05 K. When mounted, the unit has a high IP65 protection.

The mAC-C-400-24 operates on 24 V DC like most Peltier-based cooling units – but its miniature rotary compressor delivers a significantly higher cooling capacity of 400 W in a similar form factor

By connecting directly to the 24 VDC power supply widely used in industrial and production environments, the mAC-C-400-24 cabinet cooler can operate independently of the local mains voltage – without the need for an additional power supply unit.

Cabinet cooling units based on Peltier technology also usually operate with 24 VDC, but in a similar or even larger form factor they often only deliver cooling capacities in the low three-digit range. With a miniature rotary compressor and customized condenser and evaporator in its high-efficiency vapor compression circuit, the mAC-C-400-24 is suitable for higher cooling capacities of up to 400 W while being smaller in size and weight.

The integrated control system modulates the speed of rotation of the unit’s miniature compressor and thus allows the set temperature of the air inside the control cabinet to be maintained to within ±0.05 K. A powerful fan moves this air at 130 m³/h. For a low noise level, the speed of the fan on the outside of the unit is PWM-controlled.

The cooler can be easily mounted on the side or rear panel of a control cabinet and, with its high IP 65 protection rating when mounted, is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions typical for industrial production facilities.

The mAC-C-400-24 is "IoT ready" – an integrated Ethernet interface enables remote access to system parameters as well as remote control of the cooling system via a web browser. Alternatively, the unit can be operated via a serial interface/USB or manually.

For customer requirements that cannot be covered by the mAC-C-400-24, the thermal management specialists at AMS Technologies are happy to develop a completely customized cabinet cooling solution and offer all services from development and proof-of-concept to series production.

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