Workshop Analysis of modal content in Large-mode-area Fiber systems
Workshop "Analysis of modal content in large-mode-area fiber systems", 14th May 2013, 10:00-11:30am, conference room B22 at the “Munich International Trade Fairs” during “LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013”
Join the workshop "Analysis of modal content in large-mode-area fiber systems"

AMS Technologies is pleased to invite you to attend the workshop "Analysis of modal content in large-mode-area fiber systems". The workshop takes place on 14th May 2013 from 10:00 to 11:30am and will be held in conference room B22 at the “Munich International Trade Fairs” during “LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013”. The attendance is free of charge.

AMS Technologies and Interfiber Analysis offer a workshop describing the commercial implementation of a new technology for analyzing the modal content of few-mode fibers that is relevant to high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers as well as to mode-division-multiplexing (MDM) telecommunications fiber applications. We introduce a spectrogram analysis that accurately discriminates the location of mode conversion and is essential for evaluating fibers and fiber devices.
Modes can be readily identified from measured near-field amplitude and phase distributions while the relative power of these modes is also provided. Measurements on large-mode-area and telecom fibers in the 1-micron and 1550nm bands are presented. This revolutionary fiber mode analysis technology has been the subject of recent conference and journal publications.
Speaker - Andrew D. Yablon, Ph.D., Interfiber Analysis
Andrew D. Yablon earned the S.B. degree, the S.M. degree, and the Ph.D. from M.I.T. and has been previously employed by Vytran Corporation, Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, and OFS. In September, 2008 Dr. Yablon founded Interfiber Analysis, an industry leader in Optical Fiber Test and Measurement. Dr. Yablon has participated as an author on over 60 peer-reviewed publications, holds 20 US Patents, and authored the textbook Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing. His current research interests include optical fiber mode characterization, optical fiber refractive index measurement, and fiber interconnection. Dr. Yablon is a Senior Member of the Optical Society of America and served as chair for the Fibers and Propagation Effects subcommittee of OFC/NFOEC 2010. Dr. Yablon created, and regularly teaches, short courses concerning fiber interconnection at both SPIE Photonics West and OFC/NFOEC.
Core technology
The new technology enables to control and improve the performance of the output beam of a fiber laser by measuring the relative mode power. The first commercially available analyzer that measures and displays the modal content in a fiberoptic component or subsystem has been released by Interfiber Analysis in January 2013.

Regardless if you have a bare LMA fiber, a splice, a combiner or a complete subassembly of a fiber laser the FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer quantifies the relative mode power. Moreover, by analyzing the time of flight it can even trace at which point in the optical path coupling of energy has been taken place.

The technology is a big step forward compared to traditional M² measurement which does not explain the modal distribution. Despite of a good M² parameter there may be unwanted energy in higher order modes that will affect the final performance of the output beam.

How to register
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Practical information
14th May 2013, 10:00-11:30am, conference room B22 at the “Munich International Trade Fairs” during “LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013”. Your point of contact at the show is the booth of AMS Technologies: B1.301 in hall B1.

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