Water Cooling Systems for Power Electronics
Water Cooling Systems for Power Electronics
Does your application require cooling of power electronics with water? Are you looking for solutions that offer reliability proven in HVDC, quick commissioning or protection from arctic conditions and sand storms?

AMS Technologies now offers a wide range of standard and custom water cooling stations for 20 kW up to 2 MW cooling capacity. The water cooling stations are designed and manufactured by Adwatec Oy and complement our product range of cold plates, heat exchangers and recirculating chillers.

Water cooling stations for heat loads from 20 kW to 2 MW
Cooling station models are available for low and high voltage applications, in cabinets or frame mount, with water or air cooled heat exchangers. All units feature high reliability and long maintenance intervals of 5 years and more. Other high-lights are automatic de-aeration, small footprint, PLC controls among others.

These systems are typically employed as core of a power electronics water cooling system in energy transmission, marine, heavy duty industry and renewable energy applications.
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Turnkey water cooling system
AMS Technologies offers 35 kW turnkey water cooling system for power electronics. It includes Adwatec’s VCD cooling cabinet, 3 to 6 water cooler plates for IGBT modules of 140x190, PrimePack* or EconoDUAL* format, piping and installation ready to use.

The cooling cabinet measures 600x800x2000 mm and is equipped with a heat exchanger, fans, pump, expansion tank, sensors, optional controls and touch screen HMI.

*Primepack and EconoDUAL are trademarks of Infineon Technologies.

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Cold plates, heat exchangers and recirculating chillers
Our product offering for liquid cooling includes also
  • Cold plates: wide range of standard and custom solutions, from micro channels for laser diodes to large traction cooler plates.
  • Recirculating chillers: thermoelectric or compressor based; precise temperature control, quiet operation and high reliability.
  • Heat exchangers: copper, stainless steel or aluminium, compatible with many liquids
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