UV LED curing systems, spectrometers, ultrasensitive sCMOS camera
UV LED curing systems, spectrometers, ultrasensitive sCMOS camera, non-contact beam profiler, high accuracy hexapods, mini liquid cooling kit, optical pulse shaper
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Dear customers,
We are pleased to inform you about new developments in a number of technologies: UV LED curing systems, high resolutions and high sensitivity spectrometers, the sCMOS camera with the highest QE available on the market.

Being part of AMS Technologies enables us to make available to you further technologies, such as thermal management. The mLC Kit, Mini Liquid Cooling Kit, is AMS' latest development: a compact sealed compressor system for liquid cooling that can be integrated directly into OEM systems.

Our next show will be
IRMMW-THz - The International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves , 25th-30th September 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Is position accuracy key in your positioning application? New HXP-HA series hexapods guarantee accuracy values
As long-standing partner of Newport Corporation we would like to draw your attention to a newly released series of high accuracy hexapods. The HXP-HA hexapods provide detailed and guaranteed accuracy specifications on all linear axes backed by individual test results and sophisticated error compensation methods.

They open up new precision positioning applications for hexapods that go far beyond simple adjustment or alignment tasks. A HXP-Joystick is available for remote control of a Newport HXP hexapod in all 6 degrees of freedom.
82% QE, industry fastest speed, increased quantitative accuracy: new ultrasensitive sCMOS camera for imaging applications
We are happy to make available to our customers a new sCMOS camera that provides a number of advantages for imaging applications. The newly released ultrasensitive Zyla 4.2 PLUS Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera from Andor offers 82% QE, the highest and broadest sCMOS QE profile available, for excellent coverage of the visible/NIR wavelength range.

The camera features industry-fastest USB 3.0 frame rates: it delivers a sustained 53 fps at full resolution through a convenient USB 3.0 interface, 77% faster than competing sCMOS cameras. The industry-leading response linearity of 99.8% provides unparalleled quantitative measurement accuracy across the full dynamic range.

The Zyla 4.2 PLUS is ideal for applications such as super-resolution microscopy, ion signalling microscopy, light sheet microscopy, line scanning confocal microscopy and TIRF microscopy.
Non-contact beam profiler provides data never seen before for multi-KW lasers
The patented BeamWatch non-contact profiling system accurately captures and analyzes industrial multi-kilowatt lasers wavelengths from 980nm-1080nm by measuring Rayleigh scattering. The non-contact measurement makes it the first product in history with no upper limit on the lasers which it can measure (from 1kW).

You can now monitor the beam at frequent intervals without shut down or removal of fixtures. Additionally, the profiler enables the dynamic measurement of focus shift caused by thermal effects on the laser system. It has no moving parts so no components need to be cooled.
High resolution or high sensitivity spectrometer? You can have both!
The new spectrometer AvaSpec-HERO from our partner Avantes is the answer for those who look for both high resolution and high sensitivity! This spectrometer combines the best of both worlds. Therefore, you do not longer need to make a choice between the best resolution and high sensitivity.

The AvaSpec-HERO will be available for the market in July. A prototype will be shown at Optatec in Frankfurt, 7-9 June.
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The right choice for spot and small area curing applications
UV curing systems permit high throughput, low temperature application of solvent-free adhesives, inks and coatings in many precision manufactured assemblies. The primary advantages to UV curing are fast production speeds, high product yields and regulatory compliance with the virtual elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) through the use of reliable UV light curing systems.

We are happy to announce the availability of new UV LED curing systems developed by our partner Excelitas Technologies.
Small area curing: OmniCure AC5 Series air-cooled UV LED curing systems enables faster line speeds and reduced costs. They provide high irradiance (14W/cm2) for fast, even curing at long working distances.

Applications: ideal for curing inks, adhesives and coatings in industrial and electronics manufacturing applications, as well as printing applications such as labels, bar coding and package printing. Read more

Spot curing: OmniCure® LX500 UV LED spot curing system enables a consistent, repeatable curing process. It provides the highest irradiance available with superior optical stability utilizing Excelitas’ proprietary new Intelli-Lamp® LED technology.

Applications: this system is designed for use in medical devices such as catheters, cannulas, endoscopes and syringes, as well as electronics such as CCM, smartphones, tablets, micro-speakers, lenses and general purpose curing applications. Read more
Our newest release: sealed mLC-Kit Mini Liquid Cooling Kit for integration directly into OEM systems
We received several requests from OEM customers that were looking for a cooling unit that can be integrated into their own liquid coolant circuit and electronics controls. None of the cooling units already in the market complied with the requirement for high cooling capacity coupled with very low vibration and low noise.

The newly released mLC-Kit utilizes a low vibration and low noise mini rotary compressor and provides a cooling capacity up to 500W. All components are carefully designed to match each other. The Kit is sealed and OEMs can easily integrate it into their system. The interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit is a brazed plate heat exchanger which is suitable for a variety of coolant fluids.

Typical applications are compact laser cooling up to 500W and bio reagents cooling. The kit can also be battery operated and used for portable applications such as portable cooling boxes, catering trolleys or portable medical applications.
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Effect of optical short pulse shaping
Have you ever thought about whether and how changes on the shape or the compression in the time domain affect your laser pulse? If you would like to investigate it we can provide you with a demo device.

In the areas of medical treatment, material processing, femtochemistry or metrology a variety of applications require forming a rectangular pulse out of a given shape, compressing a given pulse in the time domain or forming multiple pulse trains out of one pulse. Waveshaper1000 provides a unique tool to investigate the impact of pulses with different shapes.

Waveshaper1000 is a unique programmable filter which provides wavelength selective control of the amplitude and phase spectra of optical pulses. It enables the creation and shaping of short pulses down to the femtosecond range as well as pulse shifting up to 25ps.
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