Newsletter UV excimer lasers, ion lasers, ultrafast optics, iCCD cameras
UV excimer lasers, deep UV ion lasers, ultrafast optics, iCCD cameras, recirculating chillers, light source drivers
Optics, Laser Systems, Cooling, Drivers
Dear Customers,
We at Azpect Photonics are happy to inform you about new product developments such as gas laser systems and iCCD cameras as well as a broad range of optics for your ultrafast laboratory. Morevoer, being now part of AMS Technologies enables us to provide you the access to new technologies such as cooling solutions like recirculating chillers and drivers for light sources.

Visit Azpect Photonics – AMS Technologies Nordic at following events
6th European Combustion Meeting (ECM2013), Lund University, Sweden, from 25th to 28th of June, 2013. Come and meet us there to learn about our offer of lasers and optics suitable for combustion science!

11th Edition of the Femtochemistry Conference (FEMTO11), Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, from 7th to 12th July, at the. We will highlight our broad portfolio of ultrafast lasers from Spectra-Physics and there will also be opportunities to meet representatives from the Spectra-Physics team.

UV excimer lasers for demanding applications
LightMachinery’s “PulseMaster” excimer lasers are designed for high power or high energy operation at any of the excimer laser wavelengths (193, 248, 308, 351nm). Their highly uniform beam properties, stable energy characteristics and extremely precise pointing stability make them ideal for applications demanding precise and reproducible control of all laser parameters.

The metal-ceramic construction provides for long gas lifetimes and low operating costs. A powerful micro-processor controls the laser output and automates routine maintenance operations. Applications include the manufacture of fiber Bragg gratings, ablative machining of polymer layers, micro-machining of hard materials, patterning of thin metal layers and machining of medical plastics.

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Frequency doubled deep UV ion lasers
Azpect Photonics - AMS Technologies offers intra-cavity frequency doubled ion laser systems that use a BBO crystal to produce deep UV output in the range of 229-284nm. The output power at 257nm is higher than 200mW.

The design enables quick and easy switching between visible and UV operation. The resonator is actively stabilized for short cold start time and enhanced system stability. Typical applications are in UV Raman spectroscopy, fiber gratings and surface inspection among others.
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Ultrafast optics
We offer an extensive range of optics for your ultrafast laboratory. Most of these products are standard catalogue products from Newport and are ready to be ordered directly from stock. Please send us your request:
• Mirrors for ultrashort pulses
• Beamsplitters for ultrashort pulses
• Polarizers
• Brewster angle dispertion prisms
• Ultrafast variable attenuators, motorized or manual.

New in the catalogue is the ultrafast broadband turning mirror, reflecting over 99.6% from 670 to 1340nm. This mirror can be used with Spectra-Physics Insight lasers and other broadly tunable femtosecond lasers.

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iStar iCCD Camera - Leading intensified CCD camera
Building on more than 16 years of excellence in the development of world-class, fast-gated Intensified CCD (iCCD) cameras, Andor redefines the standard of rapid, ns time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy with the introduction of the new iStar iCCD camera family.

Low jitter, low insertion delay gating electronics and nanosecond-scale optical gating provide excellent timing accuracy down to few 10’s of picoseconds, allowing ultra-precise synchronization of complex experiments through iStar iCCD camera series comprehensive range of triggering options and input/outputs interface.
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Cooling Solutions: Recirculating Chillers, Cabinet Cooling, Heat Sinks
AMS Technologies offers the entire range of laser cooling solutions including recirculating chillers from 150 W to 95 kW, a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources as well as cabinet cooling for sensitive equipment.

Thermoelectric recirculating chillers are available from 150 W to 950 W of cooling capacity and offer precise temperature control to +/-0.05°C. These chillers feature whisper-quiet operation, vibration-free operation, world wide power compatibility and a high efficiency variable voltage source that consumes energy only when needed.

Compressor based chillers are available from 300 W to 95 kW of cooling capacity and are designed to guarantee trouble-free operation of laser equipment. A variety of monitoring and safety options, pump options, different enclosures, fluid compatibility, low noise and low vibrations options are some of the important features.

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Did you know we have also drivers for your light sources
AMS Technologies is unique in having knowledge across different technology fields. Discover our portfolio and how we can support you in choosing the right power components such as flashlamp, laser diode and RF drivers from selection of standard products to design of customised solutions.
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