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Dear Customers,
We at Azpect Photonics are happy to inform you about new product developments such as a new miniature Raman spectrometer that provides over 6 times the sensitivity of normal Raman spectrometers. Morevoer, being now part of AMS Technologies enables us to provide you the access to new technologies such as cooling solutions and drivers for light sources.
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Smart controller for Laser-Driven Light Sources EQ-99 series
The EQ-99 Manager is a smart controller for Laser-Driven Light Sources, which offers enhanced control of your EQ-99 series LDLS. It adds valuable functionality to the brightest and longest lasting, broadband light source available today. The EQ-99 Manager includes advanced shutter control with a variety of control modes and programmable shutter speed. The available EQ-99 Shutter can be mounted to the window of the EQ-99 or directly to an optical bench.

The status of your LDLS can be monitored through the USB interface or on the high visibility front-panel display. Moreover, the EQ-99 Manager houses a universal power supply for worldwide operation without a separate power adapter. The EQ-99 Manager can be used with the latest EQ-99, EQ-99FC and EQ-99CAL products.
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The most sensitive NIR CCD platform on the market
The iDus 416 Low Dark-Current, Deep-Depletion (LDC-DD) technology offers superb dark current performance – over 10 times better than existing deep depletion technologies; and up to 95% quantum efficiency, making it the most sensitive NIR CCD on the market. Thermo-Electric cooling to -95°C ensures that the best signal-to-noise can always be achieved.

Thanks to Andor’s UltraVac™ vacuum technology’s superb track record the best performance can be extracted from the CCD sensor year-after-year. The iDus 416 also boasts a unique combination of 15 μm pixel for high resolution spectroscopy and a 30 mm wide sensor for superior simultaneous spectral bandpass collection. The fringe-suppression process, ensuring very low optical etaloning, also comes as standard.
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New miniature Raman spectrometer provides six-fold increase in sensitivity
Raman measurements are known for demanding the most of a spectrometer, due to the needed combination of high resolution with high sensitivity. The new developed AvaSpec-Raman-XHS from Avantes reduces this problem significantly by providing over six times the sensitivity of normal Raman spectrometers.
By dramatically redesigning the optical bench and especially the light entrance, more than 95% of the light coming out of the fiber optic cable reaches the detector. All AvaRaman systems are delivered with special AvaSoft-Raman software. An array of different probes is available to meet the needs of different application.
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Precision spectral light sources
The OL 490 agile light source from Gooch & Housego is the next generation of precision spectral light sources and delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and speed to a wide range of scientific and technical applications. It is capable of producing emissions at a single wavelength or broad spectrum, steady state or varying with time.

The light source offers a programmable and variable high intensity and high resolution spectral output via a flexible liquid light guide thanks to the incorporated Texas Instruments’ innovative Digital Light Processor technology (DLP®). High speed USB interface and easy to use software controls allow synthesis of complex optical filter systems and rapid spectral rates up to 10 kHz. The OL 490 is also available in the NIR wavelength range.
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Rack mount thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Precise temperature control is required for many applications such as low light CCD cameras, diode lasers, DPSS lasers, analytical instruments, ground-based avionics testing and much more. The thermoelectric-based chillers we offer are compact, quiet, reliable, energy efficient and vibration free due to the minimal moving parts.

In laser applications, our chillers help improve beam shape, wavelength and pulse-width stability through smooth, steady temperature control and vibration-free fluid flow. Their small size means they can fit into many small spaces in any lab or sub assembly of a laser system.
The ThermoRack 401 (400 Watt) and ThermoRack 800 (800 Watt) models have been specifically optimized for laser applications; the ThermoRack 300-650 is suited for laser, analytical and defense spplications.
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Did you know we have also drivers for your light sources
AMS Technologies is unique in having knowledge across different technology fields. Discover our portfolio and how we can support you in choosing the right power components such as flashlamp, laser diode and RF drivers from selection of standard products to design of customised solutions.
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