Solid state, Excimer and Ion lasers
DPSS, Excimer, TEA CO2 & Ion lasers

In this newsletter about laser systems we focus on the main applications of our laser systems, mostly in materials processing both in industry and for R&D purposes.

You will learn about the advantages offered by pico second DPSS lasers for applications where a reduced HAZ is mandatory and about the different usages of pulsed high power CO2 lasers in materials processing, non-destructive testing, photochemistry, scientific research.

High power, pulsed DPSS lasers for advanced materials processing
These high power DPSS lasers were developed primarily for industrial applications, for use in materials processing applications within the microelectronics, automotive and aerospace sectors. The lasers come in 1064 nm (IR), 532 nm (green) and 355 nm (UV) versions.

IR power levels are all the way up to 3.2 kW. The green version reaches up to 400W or even 1.6 kW in a “multi laser” configuration. The UV version can deliver up to 180W.
The pulse durations are in the 10’s of nano-sec. range. Repetition rates are up to 20 kHz.

Typical applications are in material processing, photovoltaic processing, thin film removal, annealing (poly-silicon), surface cleaning, Rapid Laser Patterning (RLP), Laser Lift Off (LLO).

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Pico sec. DPSS lasers for materials processing where reduced HAZ is mandatory
The short, 10 pico sec. pulse length performance of these lasers makes them ideal in materials processing applications where a reduced heat-affected zone (HAZ) is mandatory.

With a M2 value of <1.5 and a average power of 200W @ 1064 nm, this laser opens up applications in micro-processing of a large variety of brittle and composite materials. Applications can also be found within high speed surface texturing and high throughput micromachining of metals and alloys.
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Pulsed Excimer lasers for high precision UV applications
AMS Technologies offers an array of UV-Excimer lasers with various wavelengths from 193 to 351 nm as well as a range of repetition rates (12-200 Hz) and energy levels of 150-700 mJ. These advanced, high-end, Excimer lasers, based on “Total Metal Ceramic” design, offer superior optical performance and exhibit ease of use, service friendliness and extended gas lifetime, resulting in low cost of ownership.

Excimer lasers are the right choice for demanding, high precision, UV applications like for instance drilling of small diameter holes. Applications are often found in the electronics, semiconductor and medical device industries. Examples of typical applications within R&D are writing of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) and Pulsed Laser Depositioning (PLD).
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Pulsed TEA CO2 lasers for materials processing, non-destructive testing, photochemistry and scientific research
The pulsed high power CO2 lasers available from AMS Technologies operate in the far IR range of the spectrum at 10,6 µm. They feature pulse repetition rates up to 500 Hz. These lasers are designed for advanced applications in materials processing, non-destructive testing, photochemistry, scientific research as well as marking “on-the-fly”.

For materials processing, their combination of high peak power and short pulses permits the removal of surface layers such as polymer coatings, paint or contamination from metal or composite backings with no damage to the underlying material and minimal HAZ (heat-affected zone). Applications include flex circuit processing, medical device manufacturing, brake tube stripping, paint stripping and mold cleaning.

In non-destructive testing, the high pulse repetition rate, short pulse durations and optimised mode structure of these lasers make them an ideal generation source for laser ultrasound (Laser UT) testing of composite matrix materials.

For photochemistry and advanced scientific research, the high repetition rate and high average power can be utilized in applications as diverse as isotope separation and remote sensing / LIDAR.

Applications for pulsed CO2 lasers also include fast, on-the-fly marking and coding of moving parts (on conveyor belts etc.) in the pharmaceutical, electronic components and consumer packaging industries.

The lasers are employed also within front-end R&D applications in the electronics industry. Recently it has been reported that researchers in Japan used a pulsed CO2 laser for making extremely small, 25 micron holes in glass substrates intended for next generation of electronic packaging.

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Ion lasers for spectroscopy, holography, flow cytometry etc.
An array of continuous wave Ion lasers is available, covering a broad range of wavelengths. The argon Ion lasers cover 351 nm to 1090 nm (depending on model & mirror set); the Krypton Ion lasers cover 476 nm to 799 nm (depending on model & mirror set).

These easily wavelength tunable cw lasers are “the work horse” of many laser laboratories and they are commonly used in spectroscopy, laser doppler velocimetry, holography, flow visualization, non-destructive testing, flow cytometry among others.
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Measurement of laser beams
AMS Technologies offers a range of products for laser measurement. Laser beam profilers are beam diagnostics measurement systems for real-time measurement of continuous or pulsed laser beams. The laser manufacturer or the laser user is able to get beam parameters such as beam shape, energy distribution, power and position.

Our portfolio includes beam profilers capable of direct laser beam measuring from less than 0.5µm and up to 15mm. Indirect measurement of laser beams or solar images up to a few meters in dimension are possible. M² measurement systems and divergence meters are also offered. A high power beam analysis product line for measuring up to 5kW lasers is also available, providing beam profiles, beam size, beam position and real time power measurement.

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Compressor based recirculating chillers
Compressor based recirculating chillers are available offering 300 W to 95 kW of cooling capacity. They achieve temperature stabilities of +/-0.1°C and are designed to guarantee trouble-free operation of laser equipment. A wide range of options is available including pumps, fluid compatibility, controllers with safety and monitoring features, rack mount, stand alone and mini enclosures, quiet operation including active noise control, low vibration, start-up heating and many more. We also offer customized chillers to meet specific requirements.
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