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Portable benchtop RAMAN spectroscopy, high temperature fibers, thermal imaging lenses, cooling of optical devices
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Portable benchtop RAMAN spectroscopy
The new lightweight Agility series analysis instrument has been designed with ease of use in mind and plug and play functionality. It also offers advanced technical capabilities due to the dual wavelength options, wireless connectivity and easy to set up user interface (GUI). A range of sample holders allow the user to analyse different substances in either liquid, powder or solid form, while providing precise alignment thereby ensuring high quality data acquisition. The dual excitation wavelength option extends the range of substances that can be analysed as the longer 1064nm is preferred for most petrochemical, street drugs, explosives and other substances exhibiting strong fluorescence.

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High temperature fibers for a variety of applications
Gold coated fibers can withstand a wide range of temperature from -269°C to 700°C and have proven effective in a number of applications such as rocket, turbine and jet engine monitoring. They have also been used in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft sensing and measurement, radiation resistant sensors and ultra high vacuum devices. Gold coating can be applied on continuous lengths to a wide variety of multimode, step index, graded index and single mode fibers. Core to clad ratios of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 are available with numerical apertures of 0.12 and 0.26. Non-standard sizes can also be requested.

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Thermal imaging lenses
Molded aspheric lens assemblies provide an excellent low cost alternative to standard IR optics when used in applications such as thermal imaging. Thermal imaging cameras were once only used by specialist rescue teams due to their bulky size and high cost. However, in this fast growing market, the decreasing cost of molded lenses providing high performance has allowed individual personnel from the fire, police and armed forces, to be able to carry their own camera. A range of standard assemblies already cover a wide variety of uncooled IR sensors in wavelengths of 8-14um, but custom built units are also possible. Morevoer, hard diamond like coatings are available for harsh environments.
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Cooling of optical devices
Thermoelectric-based chillers are compact, quiet, reliable, energy efficient and vibration free due to the minimal moving parts. Precise temperature control is required for many applications such as low light CCD cameras, diode lasers, DPSS lasers, analytical instruments, ground-based avionics testing and much more. In laser applications, accurately controlled chillers help improve beam shape, wavelength and pulse-width stability through smooth, steady temperature control and vibration-free fluid flow. Their small size means they can fit into many small spaces in any lab or sub assembly of a laser system.

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