Pulsed fiber lasers, diode pumped lasers, DPSS lasers
Pulsed fiber lasers, diode pumped lasers, excimer lasers, DPSS lasers, optical pulse shaping
Editorial - Laser systems
In the Spring issue of our newsletter dedicated to laser systems you will learn about a new range of pulsed fs, ps, ns fiber lasers. Moreover, we offer a new line of cw and Q-switched (pulsed ns) diode pumped lasers that are suitable for a wide variety of research applications.
Pulsed fiber lasers – now from AMS Technologies
AMS   Technologies is proud to announce that we can now offer a line of fiber lasers, covering the femtosecond, picosecond and the nanosecond regime of pulse lengths. The lasers are manufactured by the well established Swiss high-end supplier OneFive.
The lasers provide solid, reliable and cost-effective solutions for a broad range of ultrafast pulsed laser applications within micro material processing, laser surgery, medical treatment, THz generation, frequency comb generation, spectroscopy among others.

The devices are very compact and truly Plug & Play. There are no user serviceable parts inside or outside the laser head and laser driver, and no adjustment knobs or screws! The lasers are dust sealed and maintenance free, shock and vibration proof and passively air cooled (no water, no fans). They maintain their high performance within 10 °C – 40 °C, and offer superb spectral & temporal quality combined with a long lifetime.

The portfolio includes several different power/energy versions as well as different wavelength models, covering IR, visible and UV.

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Versatile, pulsed & cw, diode pumped lasers for a variety of scientific applications
For a wide variety of research applications, including Raman spectroscopy, flow visualization, photoacoustic imaging, time resolved fluorescence, MALDI etc., AMS Technologies offers a range of cutting edge cw and Q-switched (pulsed ns) diode pumped lasers in the IR (1064 nm), visible (532 nm) and UV (355 nm) wavelength regions. Power levels are in the low/mid-range, from 30 mW up to 10 W. Single frequency versions, when narrow line width is required, for instance for interferometry, can also be offered.

The compact and robust design of the lasers makes them easy to integrate in most applications. The lasers can be tailored to the application to fit to customer’s specific needs.

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exciPure™ brings dramatic increases in gas lifetime and reduction of running costs to excimer lasers
LightMachinery has developed a three-path approach to dramatic increases in gas fill lifetime and corresponding decrease in running costs of their UV excimer lasers. The impurity formation was reduced thanks to improved internal materials, improved stabilization algorithms and an active filter cartridge that removes most remaining impurities. The static and dynamic gas lifetime in KrF & ArF have been improved up to 5 times or more! With increased gas prices (e.g. neon), it has become particularly important for many users to reduce the consumable costs.

The new LightMachinery Ipex-700 Series of excimer lasers take full advantage of these improvements, which also have the benefit of a positive impact on the energy stability of the laser. Excimer lasers find applications in electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing. The Ipex-700 lasers are especially well suited for PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition).
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A broad range of UV lasers, incl. 3W quasi-cw diode pumped solid state lasers
Lasers  operating in the UV wavelength range are finding more and more applications in both industrial and scientific applications. AMS Technologies can offer a broad range of different UV lasers, including UV excimer, UV ultrafast and UV Q-switched lasers as well as cw frequency doubled Ar-ion lasers at 244 nm and also powerful quasi-cw (very high repetition rate) diode pumped solid state lasers.

These quasi-cw UV lasers, manufactured by AMS co-operation partner DPSS Lasers in the US, can deliver up to 3W @ 355 nm with high beam quality (M2<1.2) and repetition rates in the range 30 – 100 kHz (depending on the model). With their patented design, enabling high efficiency, high beam quality and high repetition rate, these lasers are very well suited for a number of applications, including laser marking, micromachining, ITO removal, stereo-lithography, spectroscopy, molecular uncaging among others.

Using the 355 nm wavelength offers many advantages in laser marking, such as “cold” marking, small spot size, large depth of focus, large work area and a broad range of materials that can be marked. For marking applications, a complete integrated system can be supplied, consisting of UV laser, beam scanner and software.
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Programmable, benchtop instrument for shaping of ultra-short optical pulses
The Waveshaper 1000/SP allows the user to define the temporal or spectral properties of the laser pulses. The pulses can be stretched as well as compressed or divided into a double pulse. In laser micromachining it has been shown that results can be significantly improved by application of double pulses instead of a single pulse.
In multi-photon microscopy the Waveshaper can be used to re-compress pulses that have been stretched due to material dispersion. The Waveshaper can also be employed in fiberoptic communication, to restore the pulse shape and length that have been distorted and stretched due to dispersion in the transmission fiber.

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