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Silicon Position Sensitive Detectors (PSDs), 793-1470nm high reliable medical lasers, 3D MEMS mirrors, thermoelectric temperature controllers
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Silicon Postion Sensitive Detectors (PSDs) suit wide-ranging applications
Silicon photodetectors are commonly used for light power measurements in a wide range of applications such as bar-code readers, laser printers, medical imaging and spectroscopy among others. Silicon Position Sensitive Detectors (PSD) are typically used where the position of a beam can be obtained within fractions of microns using PSDs with spectral response range from 350-1100nm. PSDs share common substrate where detectors are divided into either two or four segments.
793-1470nm high reliable medical lasers with long lifetime
When choosing an OEM laser for a medical system design, very high reliability and ultra long lifetimes can provide excellent return on investment to your clients. Wavelengths such as 808nm are commonly used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as acne and laser hair removal, as well as some veterinary applications. The LuOcean Mini diode lasers offer such advantages along with ease of integration, small footprint and a range of power levels up to 37watts. The lasers comply with CE, ROHS and FDA requirements.
3D MEMS mirrors
The 3D MEMS mirrors available from AMS Technologies can rotate into two different angles (+/-α, +/-β), thereby allowing full beam steering. The assemblies have very low drift and are precisely controlled. They are available as a single component or in array configurations. One application of the technology is to correct deviation errors in the input beam. This correction allows the beam to be adjusted in the first part of the assembly thus ensuring that all the optical equipment located downstream will always be fixed. As a result no recalibration or further adjustment will be needed. Other applications include wavelength selective switching, precise optical beam steering and tuneable filters.
Thermoelectric temperature controllers
Many electronic devices need precision control of their thermal functions in order to perform as required. There are many different ways to provide this depending upon the level of control required. An extensive range of thermoelectric temperature controllers is available from AMS Technologies, from pulse width modulated controllers to advanced design linear controllers. Pulse width modulation units are ideal where low loss is important and for digital applications. A wide range of performance and packaging options allows finding the ideal solution for your thermal control application.