Programmable optical pulse shaper for fs pulses
Tools for measurement of fiber properties, tools for fiber optic production, fibers, fiber assemblies and fiber-based products
New tool for shaping and shifting of short optical pulses
AMS Technologies offers a new tool for shaping and shifting of short optical pulses. Besides of fiber optic test and measurement equipment also instruments for fiber optic production as well as fibers and fiber-based components are available.
Programmable optical pulse shaper for fs pulses
Waveshaper1000 is a unique programmable filter which provides wavelength selective control of the amplitude and phase spectra of optical pulses. Typical applications include the creation and shaping of short pulses down to the femtosecond range as well as pulse shifting up to 25ps.

In the area of medical treatment, material processing or metrology a variety of applications require forming a rectangular pulse out of a given shape, compressing a given pulse in the time domain or forming multiple pulse trains out of one pulse. For these applications Waveshaper provides a unique tool to program a high speed filter.

Waveshaper is available for the wavelength range round 1550nm with future variants available round 1µm. It comes standard without polarization control but can be supplied with PM fiber output as an option.

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Measurement of fiber properties
AMS Technologies offers several tools for measurement of the properties of optical fibers. The IFA-100 measures the refractive index profile (RIP) of an optical fiber at any wavelength between the visible and near infrared with accuracy as low as 0.00015.

The FMA-10 analyses the modal content of few-mode fibers that is relevant to high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers as well as to mode-division-multiplexing (MDM) telecommunications fiber applications. The measurement of the relative mode power enables to control and improve the performance of the output beam of a fiber laser.
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Glass processing and fusion splicing
GPX-3000 is a unique, multipurpose glass processing platform for creating splices, combiners, tapers, couplers, end-caps and other fiber processes with optical fibers from 80 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. GPX-3000 systems are built around a unique filament “furnace” assembly - a stable, intense heat source that can be precisely controlled over a wide temperature range - to ensure optimum glass processing conditions.

The systems are ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy, versatility and repeatability such as fiber laser and medical device manufacturing.

AMS Technologies has been selling and supporting the equipment throughout Europe for several years. Services include installation, training and maintenance.
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Fibers, fiber assemblies and fused components
The range of fiber products available from AMS Technologies comprises fibers and fiber assemblies as well as a variety of fiber-based components.

Single fibers and fiber assemblies are available in many different configurations: MM/SM/PM, with or without connectors, standard or tailor-made. The optical spectrum ranges from the UV across the visible range to the NIR, the thermal operation spectrum from -269 to +700°C, the power spectrum from a few milliwatts to a multitude of watts.

We also provide a range of fused fiber products including tap couplers, wavelength combiners/splitters, PM couplers as well as power combiners used in high power fiber lasers.

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Do you already know our thermal management services?
Besides of fiber optic equipment and an extensive range of optical components AMS Technologies offers many services for cooling of light sources. The product range includes heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources, thermoelectric and compressor based recirculating chillers as well as cabinet coolers.
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