PCIM 2016: HV film capacitors, water cooling loop design
HV film capacitors, sensors, reed relays, water cooling loop design, compact pump unit
Power Electronics & Thermal Management

PCIM Europe is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management from 10th to 12th May 2015.

As a leading pan-European solution provider in the fields of power electronics and thermal management, AMS Technologies could not miss this show. Visit us at booth 553 in hall 9.

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New manufacturer of HV film capacitors on board
AMS Technologies partners now with NWL, one of the largest manufacturers of film capacitors in North America and a world leader in water-cooled DC link applications. Company representatives will be at our booth at PCIM.

Based on aluminum film with foil and segmented metallized film NWL’s capacitors provide lower heat dissipation and have a longer life compared to other dielectric types. Typical applications include pulse power, induction heating, electrical drives for large transport systems and inverters for renewable energy.

Our comprehensive range of capacitors includes also ceramic capacitors for induction heating, pulse discharge, RF, filtering, precision or wound film capacitors. Click here for the ceramic capacitor overview

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Broad range of sensors
AMS Technologies has a broad range of sensors that can be employed in a huge number of applications, from industrial washing machines to systems for current measurement in particle accelerators.

Our high precision HF current transformers use a non-destructive and non-contact technology and can be employed to measure currents from µA up to 25kA over a frequency range of 0.5Hz to 500MHz and beyond.

With a large range of different plastic materials for stem and float, the liquid level sensors are suitable for use in many fluids, including corrosive acids, and can often be employed at temperatures of 120°C.

The flow switches are designed for use in liquid flow systems at pressures up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 85ºC.
Very compact and efficient reed relays
With up to 15kV of isolation at 3 amperes of current, the HV reed relays available from AMS Technologies are very compact and efficient devices. Even the smaller ‘S’ sized packages can provide 5 to 10kV of isolation. They are often used in HV test systems, ATE, cable testers and medical defibrillators, amongst others.
Water cooling loop design
When it comes to the design of a water cooling loop for power electronics many components need to be properly designed and selected. Apart from properly dimensioning thermal and hydraulic performance of the cold plate and air blast coolers and pump size, the piping and instrumentation needs to be determined carefully.

Wetted materials, pump protection, safety and reliability, commissioning time, closed loop versus open loop or proper de-aeration are important considerations to be taken into account.
Picture: results are created using Coolit, a software product of Daat Research Corp.
Compact pump units as OEM core units, on frames or inside fully equipped cabinets
Pump impeller flow bed, 3-way valve and bypass channels, pressure and temperature transducers and water connections to and from power electronics as well as connections to and from heat exchanger are all integrated into one smart aluminum manifold.

Not only the units themselves are the most compact ones on the market, they also save space for piping and reduce number of fittings
and thus risks of leakage. The cores can be extended with liquid-liquid plate heat exchangers, expansion vessels, controls and HMI on frames or inside cabinets to become full pump stations.
Click here for more details
Broad range of high precision resistors for a huge variety of applications
AMS Technologies has been working for many years with Caddock Electronics. We are proud to show their precision resistors and resistor networks also at this year’s PCIM.

Based on unique resistance film technologies and process technologies, the product line comprises over 250 models, including high voltage resistors, current sense resistors, chip resistors, high frequency resistors, rf resistors, load resistors, pulse resistors and non-inductive power resistors.

We have already integrated Caddock’s products into the most different applications, including the design of custom products according to project requirements.
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